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Stoller Family (2015)




In the beginning, God created the earth. On the sixth day He created the beasts of the earth and man. (paraphrased from Genesis 1)

Many, many years later God blessed our marriage with our firstborn son. In this son, He created the love for wolves. Beings a wolf would not be a good pet, our son saved his money to purchase an Alaskan Malamute. (which looks as similar to a wolf as you can get)  In 1998 Christopher bought his first dog in Wisconsin around the Madison area. He named him Major Madison – which is where our kennel name, Major Malamutes comes from. With this dog, he trained with a harness and gained an interest in weight pulling. Since then, he added a female from the Silverfrost kennel named Keesha. Her first liter was born in 2002.

Keesha is primarily responsible for our whole family falling in love with this breed.    So, in the fall of 2005, we bought out Silverfrost’s Malamutes which added 5 more females and 2 studs which leads us to where we are today…

Our kennel sits on our 6.5 acre farmstead which allows our dogs ample area for their needs. Each dog has a pen that is partially inside and partially outside. This gives them room to be outdoors and also gives them shelter and their own private area inside. The inside of their building provides heat if needed in the winter (mainly heat lamps for the pups) and air conditioning and fans in the summer. They also have a large ‘run’ area to burn off excess energy. Each pen is cleaned out daily and each dog is treated with love and patience according to its own special personality.

There are a total of 7 adults  (humans) and 2 grandchildsons in our family. Roger is the ‘top dog’ who has to oversee everything and takes care of the majority of all the manual labor. Mary is the P.R. person who takes care of the paperwork as well as the contact end of the business. (In other words, the one that you communicate with) Christopher married Kelsey and his only part in the business these days is to play with the dogs. Joshua married Julie and they have given us the awesome experience of being grandparents.  Victoria no longer lives at home, but will help out with chores on an as needed basis. Thus.... since the kids have moved on....we will likely be slowly getting out of the breeding business as our current females retire.  We truely love our dogs. They have become a regular part of our family that God has blessed us with.